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How much is my car collision or car repair going to cost me out of pocket?

Auto Body Repair Center in Dallas It really depends on the severity of your car accident but many times we can save you your deductible and many times put money back into your pocket.
Did you know if your accident was assessed by the insurance as a $10,000 job we could typically save you close to $1000?
Dont go through the hassle of locating reputable body shops and trying to get repair estimates from other auto body collision centers. Were here to help!
We are the premier way for many to fix their vehicles. Through careful research and control of our supply chains were able to offer our customers an unbeatable price for their auto body repairs, mechanical repairs, and window repairs without losing the craftsmanship and expertise.

Is it going to cost me anything to use your collision repair services?

Auto Body Repair
The best value for your auto body repair or vehicle repair in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas.
A speedy resolution and best price option for a rental car while your vehicle is in the body shop.
A flat fee and consolidated pricing for window repairs or mechanical repairs.
Our Lifetime Warranty that guarantees the craftsmanship and the work.
A hassle free repair where we make recommendations from rental vehicles to minor car repairs to major auto body repairs. Well do all the leg work just sit back and relax!
Take action now and save!!


What makes Car Crash Consultants different?

We  will always be working to bring value to the consumer.
We work diligently at getting you the best price without sacrificing quality.
We offer the most comprehensive vehicle repair report. Our report includes the product put on your vehicle so you know junk parts aren’t being used in the repair.
Our product and supply chains have been responsible for over $100 million in vehicle repairs. We work closely with many insurances including Geico, All State, Progressive and many more to make sure our customers are getting the absolute best value on their repair.
We deal directly with the source for our auto parts giving you additional cost savings.
What Our Clients Are Saying
After my car accident I was lost and upset and didn’t know the best way to fix my car.
I gave Car Crash Consultants a ring and they handled everything with my insurance and the auto body shop. My car was fixed in a couple days and I pocketed $1200.
Thanks for everything!
Some of the Auto Brands Which we Repair