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Auto Collision Repair Center

Auto Collision Repair Center

our collision repair centers’ focus is to make sure our customers get the best repair job at the most affordable price.  Rest assured with us your vehicle will be repaired with top of the line equipment coupled with fundamental and innovative repair techniques.  After everything’s done you’ll love the way your car looks!  Here’s a few areas we key in on to make sure your auto body repair is top-quality -

  • Part Sourcing

Because many body shops operate in a region or a section of a city their parts are pulled from state or local area distributors.  Not only are we able to pull from our nationwide database of distributors but were able to offer our customers the widest variety of different vehicle parts to provide our customers with exactly the type of vehicle repair or product they are looking for.  There are also financial benefits in this process as we pull pricing from many more distributors than your local body shop and get our customers the best possible pricing.  Value at its best!

  • Alignment Equipment

All Car Crash Consultant’s Auto Collision Repair Centers come with high end computerized alignment measuring equipment.  Most modern day vehicles are made with a unibody frame.  Because of this there is no firm unbending frame in the vehicle.  Unibody frames allow for easier repair but without good alignment equipment tires can tread unevenly and the steering can be thrown off.  With our body shops modern equipment, your vehicle is measured in three dimensions to assure quality vehicle restoration and no future issues with the way your vehicle drives.

  • Welding Tools

In contemporary vehicle repair construction, it’s common for most vehicle frames to be comprised of impact resistant steel or aluminum.  Many times, after accidents, the vehicle frame’s strength can be structurally compromised.  We make sure there are no recurring issues by using a combination of either metal inert gas welding equipment or resistance spot welding equipment.  These are just some solutions we use to assure your vehicle is structurally strong.

  • Paint & Finish

We use custom paint matching technology to assure that your vehicle is restored to its previous form.  Working with our auto collision repair centers you won’t have to worry about drips or sags or rough textured pain jobs.  With our assortment of manufacturer’s formulas we combine the colors to give your vehicle a like-new appearance.