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Paint Vehicle Repair Shop

Paint Vehicle Repair Shop

If you’ve come for a paint job that is sure to last coming to us was the right way to go! Here are some of some of the fundamental guidelines we follow to ensure your vehicle’s body and paint are there to stay: -

  • Body Sanding Preparation

We make sure before we paint the body of your vehicle, we sand the body of the vehicle with a machine sander and make the vehicle smooth so when the paint is applied not only is your vehicle shiny but smooth and removed of all the dents and small bumps that could’ve been caused by rocks or other car doors.

  • Pre Detailing

This step consists of removing all the dirt and grime that may be around any parts of the vehicle. Doing this ensures a good clean paint job and no foreign small particles that can make your vehicle look choppy or inconsistent.

  • Body Masking

The next step we take is to protect the parts of the vehicle we’re not trying to paint. This process is not an art it’s an exact science and if done incorrectly can leave your vehicle with paint in places there shouldn’t be. Some other body shops will mask using newspaper that can sometimes cause inconsistency in the vehicle paint and produce mixed results. Here at CCC we focus on the fundamental approach to painting vehicles with masking paper. Using masking paper makes a big difference as the application of this item produces more concise results and sharper edges on your vehicle.

  • Primer/Painting

Our basecoat and advanced coat application of paint not only produces an adhesive surface for the paint, but also assists in preventing flaking and peeling you’ll see on some vehicles these days. First we start by applying a good primer which is important in providing a good base for clarity and uniformity of the paint. After this process we use the best urethane paint to make sure your car’s paint is not only durable but there to stay.