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What is auto body repair?

What is auto body repair?

Auto body repair or collision repair is a common term used to describe the process of bringing a vehicle back to it’s former state after being involved in an accident. The specific area of this type of repair deals with the “body” of the vehicle. Repairs are typically broken up into two types of repairs, body repair and mechanical repair.

Typically after an accident, one of two things happen. Normally if the accident is small enough the car owner will look to take their vehicle to a body repair shop to get an estimate for the damages without including the insurance. Doing this could not only keep your insurance rates intact but potentially keep your record clean if you were at fault for the fender bender. If the accident is a major accident typically the insurance will be involved to not only cover damages but assess the cost for administering the repairs. The standard insurance deductible for a repair can be anywhere from $500-$1000. Here’s where we come in.

We are the premier vehicle repair consultant in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas when it comes to any type of accident. We won’t offer you 50% off your auto body repair or collision repair as this is unrealistic and the age old saying holds true you get what you pay for. But we are able to offer reasonable repair savings on your vehicle that many times will cover the insurance deductible and keep money in your pocket.

With CCC’s relationships and networks, we’re not only able to repair your vehicle into pristine condition, but offer a full warranty that covers future potential repair issues that may come up.